Local Experience: Frigid Cyrotherapy

Lindsey Breitwieser: NY transplant, Cyclebar Instructor and sweat enthusiast.  Checking out all of the health and wellness options that Greenville has to offer. @getfitgvl



Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, that is used for recovery. The same concept as an athlete taking an ice bath to recover, but much better. Frigid also offers NormaTec compressions services, but I’ve done the cryotherapy so we’ll review that below.


Frigid Cryotherapy is located on Pelham Road, but also has a mobile location that travels around Greenville. You can check their website for details on mobile locations as it changes frequently.

8540 Pelham Road
Greenville, SC 29615


Two chills for $65 (first time clients only)
Additional package options available as well

Why You’ll Love it:
  • It’s fast. Your time in the chamber is three minutes max, so you can do a session and get back to your day. !
  • You’ll have serious bragging rights. It’s pretty cool (*pun intended*) to say that you’ve withstood temperatures that are sub -200. !
  • It’s effective! I felt coolness in my most heavily used muscles the longest following my sessions
What to expect:

When you arrive at Frigid, you’ll change into a robe, socks, slippers, and gloves. Yes, be prepared to go into the chamber without your clothes! The staff will walk you through what to expect, but ultimately the key things to know are: there is a max time limit of three minutes and that staff is in the room with you the entire time controlling the temperature and length of time.
Once the coolness starts and the puffs of ice-cold air start coming out of the chamber, you’ll have two thoughts, “this is so cool” and “oh, that’s cold.” While it’s cold, it’s dry air on your body and is bearable. Immediately after it felt as though I had just gotten a massage. Your body begins to warm up gradually, but for me I felt the coolness in my sorest muscles for a bit longer. I went right about my day afterwards so don’t expect to need any downtime.

Pro Tip:

*Ask them to blast the music in the room, it makes the minutes go by quickly!
*Bring a friend to snap your pic, you’re going to want a photo of yourself in this chamber.

Check out their full site here and Insta here.