Local Influencer: Savanna James

Falls Park

Growing up in Spartanburg, I’ve been a first-hand witness to the growth and expansion of Greenville. It has grown tremendously over the years and encompasses any and everything one needs to live happily. The Local Greenville is a keyhole into viewing and finding what all there is to do in the great city of Greenville. I use my personal Instagram @probablyvannajames to share where I go in Greenville or even where I’ll be headed next! Even after traveling for movies, commercials and photoshoots, I continuously yearned to return home to my local community that always has open arms. (Fun Fact: My IMDb even lists the Upstate as my hometown!) But down to the nitty-gritty. What are my favorite parts about Greenville? Definitely the food and the innate ability the city has to have events that involve everyone.

Who doesn’t love a good meal?

Greenville is a city that explores and promotes all cuisines. You can walk down Main Street and find a crepe shop, a taco shop, a steak house and a southern meal. Instead of having to drive two to three hours for your favorite place in another state or city, you can drive straight to Greenville and find something that suits your needs (and fulfills ones you might not have even known you had).


Some of my favorite spots? Cantina 76 (Mexican Inspired Taqueria), California Dreaming (Steak House), Smoke on the Water (BBQ & Southern), Tupelo Honey (Southern Cuisine), Cheesecake Factory (Desserts) and Willy Taco (Tacos). I love being able to just drive around Greenville and find a new place to try! And there are so many more to find! Plus, most of them have dog friendly patios to take your best bud!

The Best Events!


If you live in any of the city’s surrounding Greenville, or even in the surrounding states, you know of some of the great events that Greenville is home to. Whether it be a Greenville Drive Game, a Swamp Rabbits Game, Dancing with the Stars Live!, The Greek Festival, Couture for a Cause, or Greenville Fashion Week, there is something for everyone.

I love being able to be involved with events like “Teach 864 Night” at the Greenville Drive game that celebrates the hard-working and dedicated teachers in Greenville County, watching “Dancing with the Carolina Stars,” or Haute Fashion Weekend.


The community of Greenville is so diverse, and that can be seen in the events that it throws every year. It uses every chance it gets to celebrate the people of the city. Make sure you follow The Local Greenville to keep up with the go-to spots and events in Greenville, South Carolina. Hope to see you soon!