Modal – a bespoke hostel, coffee shop and art gallery

Pretended to be a tourist for 24 hours in this little city I love last weekend.

Instead of staying in a hotel, we decided to try out something different— @staymodal – a bespoke hostel, coffee bar (serving and art gallery . While they do have shared, bunk-style rooms, they also have a couple of private rooms. The rest of the spaces are all communal; a full kitchen, patio and lounge areas. We woke up Saturday to a complimentary ☕️, breakfast being made and a pop-up vendor fair right outside the front door. The owner and the team there were so welcoming.

This shower basically sums it up…the entire place is styled beautifully. And in comparison to most of the hotels or AirBNB’s downtown, the price here is very budget-friendly.

If you’re planning a visit and are looking for something a more unique experience, make a note to check Modal out. And if you’re a local? Do yourself a favor…book a little staycation.