Local Experience: Orange Theory Fitness


Heart rate based high intensity interval training. There is a rowing, weight, and treadmill portion to each class.


Orange Theory is currently located on Woodruff Rd, but the website lists a downtown location as coming soon.

1143 Woodruff Rd.
Greenville, SC 29607


First class is FREE!
Memberships and packages available ranging from $59-$159 per month.

Why You’ll Love It:

• When you walk in they set you up with a heart rate monitor, it all feels very high tech and exciting.
• Rotating between stations made the workout fly by.
• It’s great for all levels and it’s easy to monitor progress thanks to the points system, which are emailed to you after each class.

What To Expect:

When you arrive the friendly staff will show you through the various stations and if you arrive early enough you can even pop on the rower and get a little coaching on proper technique before you begin.

Once the class begins you’ll start at one of the three stations and the coach will guide you
through that portion of the workout. Once it’s go time, you GO! If you’re competitive (guilty) you may catch yourself trying to keep up with the people working out near you and peeking at the displayed screen to see how others are doing, but for the most part you’ll be busy keeping track of your own time and reps.

The constant movement between stations made the workout fly. The key to the workout is the coach and monitor combo. The coach is telling you when to push and what zone to be in and it almost gamifies your workout. It makes it easy to focus on achieving one goal — getting into your zone — while you workout and helps push you harder than you may realize.

Pro Tip:

*Don’t walk out with the heart rate monitor on (unless you purchased it to keep). You’ll forget that it’s on while you’re working out and it’s an easy mistake!
*Don’t focus too much on the fact that your stats are on display and definitely don’t let it
discourage you. Everyone is really only looking at it to find their points!
Check out their full site here.

Local Love: Liability Brewing Co.


Got a sneak peek of Liability Brewing Co. this week, which will be one of the anchor spots at the historic Westone development (you drive by it all the time on Stone Avenue but is easy to miss right now unless you used to frequent the old Battery & Electric Company). Joining Liability will be a second Coffee Underground location and a Moe’s Original Bar B Q. The last spot is still up for grabs.
Beer, coffee, BBQ– a Southern grand trifecta. All in one great spot within walking distance to downtown.
I love the bones of this building and am looking forward to see Terry Horner’s vision come to life. And of course, I am all about another great brewery coming to Greenville.
Side note: this is my new favorite tee, locally made by The Graphic Cow, another company I think is awesome. It is super soft, fits like a dream and you want to be able to say you were rocking this before anyone else was, so head to Liability’s site and pick up yours!




Local Experience: Barre3


Lindsey Breitwieser: NY Transplant, CycleBar Instructor and Sweat Enthusiast. Checking out all of the health and wellness options that Greenville has to offer. @getfitgvl

Barre3 is an exercise all to itself. It’s a combinations of ballet barre, pilates and yoga so the are lots of different moves and ways of working the body included in one class. The workout includes a standing component and mat work and like other barre classes small dumbbells and a ball (“props”) are used.


There are two Barre3 locations right here in Greenville. The Augusta Rd location is the original, but with the second one opening you’re probably not too far from one of them!! (Five Forks – 2815 Woodruff Road, Suite 103, Simpsonville or Augusta  Road – 3014-A Augusta Street, Greenville)


$99 for one month (new client special). A la care, membership and flex packages ranging from $23-$159.

Why You’ll Love It:

Most of the moves feel very natural, you won’t find yourself needing to contort into hard to hold poses.

The Barre3 community is much more than just the workout, there are natural beauty products recommendations, an online workout subscription option, and recipes.You’ll get a cardio and toning workout in one, which definitely helps maximize your time.

What To Expect:

When you arrive you’ll leave your shoes and bags in the front and head into the studio. The Augusta studio is a bright and open space with a wood floor. With the floor not being carpeted sticky socks are completely optional. Before picking your space at the bar you’ll grab 1-3 lb dumbbells and a ball.

The biggest Barre3 difference is the inclusion of larger movements. There are large range of motion squats and stretches mixed in with isometric work. The larger movements help increase the heart rate and introduce a cardio component which helps bring your heart rate up. If you’re anything like me, when you’re heart rate comes up you’re going to get sweaty, luckily Barre3 provides towels. As far as workouts go, I’ve never left Barre3 not feeling challenged. The classes are mainly good for toning, but flexibility and core strength are among the other major benefits.

Pro Tip:

They offer childcare (there is a charge), but you can bring the kiddos while you get your class in.

Check out their full site here: http://barre3.com/studio-locations/greenville

Local Experience: CycleBar

Lindsey Breitwieser: NY Transplant, CycleBar Instructor and Sweat Enthusiast. Checking out all of the health and wellness options that Greenville has to offer. @getfitgvl



Indoor Cycling


Cyclebar is centrally located downtown in the newly renovated Keys Village. It’s right between the McBee Station shopping center and Main Street on McBee Avenue.

307 E McBee Ave B, Greenville, SC 29601


Your first class is free! A la carte classes are $20 each. Additional package options available as well.

Why You’ll Love It:
  • It’s one killer workout. Riders burn anywhere from 300-800 calories in one 50-minute class.
  • There are lots of special and themed classes to keep it fun: mashup Monday, express classes, concert rides, happy hour rides and many more.
  • It’s high tech. Each bike is synced with your account when you sign up to ride. You’re immediately emailed your workout stats and playlist after each class.
What to expect: 

Expect to work hard, but leave smiling. Cyclebar has a party atmosphere, you’re “dancing” and cheering the whole time you’re working out. There is a fun dynamic lighting system, loud music, music videos, and a stats system. With so much going on you’ll probably forget that you’re working out. During the class there is one arm segment, you can choose either a four or six pound bar, where the instructor will lead you through various movements. While four and six pound bars may seem light, holding them up for 3-4 minutes is definitely a challenge!

If you’re someone that needs some distraction and entertainment while exercising or thrives on a pumped-up crowd, definitely give this a go!

Pro Tip:

*Bring your phone charger! The lockers have a USB port built in to them so you can charge your phone while you’re in class.

*Just bring yourself (and socks!). Once you arrive everything is taken care of for you: shoes are provided, water, bananas, towels, after class wipes…if you need it, they’ve thought of it.

Check out their full site here and Instagram here.


Local Guide: Lindley Russell

Lindley Russell    The Greenville Graze

IG: @thegreenvillegraze 


Hey there! I’m Lindley and I am the face of The Greenville Graze. I have always been biased towards this city and all it had to offer. In the past few years, people from far and near have also began to take notice of all Greenville has to offer and, as a result, it has quickly transformed into a total hub for new restaurants, bars, bakeries, breweries, food festivals, etc. My exploration of Greenville is never ending and I am truly having the time of my life discovering all the things that make Greenville the city it is. Sharing it is half the fun so check out my Instagram to see all my yummy finds (@thegreenvillegraze).



But First, Coffee:

101 Espresso Bar – This little coffee shop recently opened over the summer but it already has my heart. Before taking my first sip, I was completely won over by the staff and their passion toward the business. They are all very knowledgeable in what they are selling and are very eager to educate the customer. Aside from the impeccable customer service, the coffee, made using beans from Panama, is so incredibly delicious (and I am very picky about my coffee!). They offer the usual lattes, cappuccinos, frappes, etc. but my favorite is their Greek Nescafe Frappe. It’s a little different than your average coffee but I promise it’s insanely good.


Greek Nescafe Frappe @101espressobar


Swamp Rabbit Stops:

TReats – On the Travelers Rest end of the Swamp Rabbit, my absolute favorite stop is TReats. They offer a HUGE selection of smoothies (my favorite is the Main St. Mango) and fresh pressed juices that are perfect for an on-the-go treat after biking or running the trail. Another perfect quick treat are their protein energy balls made with oats, honey, peanut butter, coconut, dark chocolate, and whey protein. They are seriously so good that it’s hard to believe they’re healthy.

Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery – Towards the Greenville end of the trail, my favorite stop is without a doubt Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery. They also offer a large variety of quick, yummy treats including (but definitely not limited to) smoothies, sandwiches, scones, doughnuts, and other baked goods. If you happen to pass by Thursday-Sunday, their brick oven pizza is a must-try. Best of all, it’s all locally sourced!


Strawberry Donut @swamprabbitcafe

Diamond In The Rough:

Irashiai Sushi Pub – When a sushi craving hits, most people look to Downtown Greenville to fill their void. However, just ten minutes from the bustling streets of Downtown Greenville is where you will find my all-time favorite sushi restaurant. The size of their menu and rolls (seriously, they’re huge) is second to none. If I had to narrow it down to my favorite rolls, I would suggest the Red Dragon, Big Chill, and Godzilla. If you weren’t already convinced, they also have a hefty appetizer selection. My top picks are the Ahi Hawaiian and Mussels Yaki (pictured below).


Mussels Yaki @ Irashiai Sushi Pub

Healthy Eats:

Southern Pressed Juicery – SPJ offers a gigantic selection of cold pressed juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls, and other healthy yummy snacks. My love for SPJ blossomed after trying their smoothie bowls. Their bowls are super thick and loaded down with good-for-you toppings (no skimpy toppings, here!). My absolute favorite bowl is The Green Monstah, which is topped with the most delicious cacao-kale granola. I never knew kale could taste THAT good. Aside from smoothie bowls, SPJ also offers sweet snacks like donuts and brownies made with clean, wholesome ingredients so there’s no need to feel guilty.


Green Monstah @southernpressedjuicery

Cheers To The Weekend:

Downtown Greenville – If you’re only here for the weekend, I highly recommend you spend your time Downtown Greenville. I know that’s a bit broad but this little city has so much to offer at all times. There are fun, upbeat workout classes at CycleBar or coffee and a yummy breakfast at Caviar & Bananas in the morning. You can explore the beautiful Falls Park in the afternoon. The night brings a slew of things to do; you can eat at one of the many award-winning restaurants or spend the night at the ballpark watching the Greenville Drive play. Downtown Greenville seriously has so much to offer (much more than a weekend can hold)!

Local Experience: Frigid Cyrotherapy

Lindsey Breitwieser: NY transplant, Cyclebar Instructor and sweat enthusiast.  Checking out all of the health and wellness options that Greenville has to offer. @getfitgvl



Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, that is used for recovery. The same concept as an athlete taking an ice bath to recover, but much better. Frigid also offers NormaTec compressions services, but I’ve done the cryotherapy so we’ll review that below.


Frigid Cryotherapy is located on Pelham Road, but also has a mobile location that travels around Greenville. You can check their website for details on mobile locations as it changes frequently.

8540 Pelham Road
Greenville, SC 29615


Two chills for $65 (first time clients only)
Additional package options available as well

Why You’ll Love it:
  • It’s fast. Your time in the chamber is three minutes max, so you can do a session and get back to your day. !
  • You’ll have serious bragging rights. It’s pretty cool (*pun intended*) to say that you’ve withstood temperatures that are sub -200. !
  • It’s effective! I felt coolness in my most heavily used muscles the longest following my sessions
What to expect:

When you arrive at Frigid, you’ll change into a robe, socks, slippers, and gloves. Yes, be prepared to go into the chamber without your clothes! The staff will walk you through what to expect, but ultimately the key things to know are: there is a max time limit of three minutes and that staff is in the room with you the entire time controlling the temperature and length of time.
Once the coolness starts and the puffs of ice-cold air start coming out of the chamber, you’ll have two thoughts, “this is so cool” and “oh, that’s cold.” While it’s cold, it’s dry air on your body and is bearable. Immediately after it felt as though I had just gotten a massage. Your body begins to warm up gradually, but for me I felt the coolness in my sorest muscles for a bit longer. I went right about my day afterwards so don’t expect to need any downtime.

Pro Tip:

*Ask them to blast the music in the room, it makes the minutes go by quickly!
*Bring a friend to snap your pic, you’re going to want a photo of yourself in this chamber.

Check out their full site here and Insta here.

Local Guide: Jhami Sullivan

Read Jhami’s blog: Adventures of a Southern Fellow

IG: @mr_j_sully



I enjoy Jhami’s IG feed immensely because he is always eating and drinking adventurously and it opens my eyes to menu items I may never have thought to order. Word of caution: don’t scroll through his feed if you’re at all hungry.


Favorite Hole-In-The-Wall:

While Greenville is being looked at as the next big “foodie” town because of places like The Anchorage, Bacon Bros., Restaurant 17 and pretty much all of Table 301 making the “Top…” list, we can’t forget those hole in the walls that draw in all of the locals. My favorite hole in the wall is actually relatively new, Grindhouse Grill, located on Augusta Road. Grindhouse Grill specializes in burgers with 100% grass-fed and grass finished, pasture raised, no antibiotics, no added hormones and non-GMO beef! They also have a burger for the veggie fans!


The “Hang 05” from Grindhouse Grill


Greenville also seems to have a very inclusive nightlife community, as most-places do not cater to a specific category of people. But as a member of the LGBT community, Blu (also known as Blu Martini) has become a favorite “hole in the wall” spot for me, as they host Proud and Out at Blu on Wednesday nights, where you can enjoy simple things such as bingo early in the evening, or fun times with drag queen nuns, depending on the weekly schedule.

Favorite Local Band:

I am not a huge music person, but I do enjoy live music every once in a while. One band that continuously stays on my radar is The Jamie Wright Band- so much that she is playing my wedding! Jamie Wright can be found singing all over the Upstate from Seneca and Anderson to Downtown Greenville and Spartanburg. Jamie’s soulful sounds and beautiful voice can often be found at Rainer’s in Downtown Greenville on Friday or Saturday nights and Halls Chophouse during brunch almost every Sunday.

Favorite Brunch Spot:

Oh, how I love brunch! Brunch is bae. Breakfast meets lunch meets mimosas! Yes, please. My favorite brunch spot is a difficult choice. On Saturdays, I would say my favorite brunch is Bacon Bros. Public House. Bacon Bros and all of it’s locally sourced pork goodness is not open on Sundays. While open for lunch and dinner throughout the week, they offer a brunch-focused menu with locally sourced products on Saturdays from 11-2.

Sundays, however, are another ball-game. The Anchorage, The Bohemian Café, and Southern Culture, the order depends on the day. The Anchorage offers some great brunch classics using locally sourced products and the sweet patatas bravas with chimichurri are sooooo good. The Bohemian Café is just a solid brunch choice in Greenville- think the classics done right. They also have a bloody mary bar! Southern Culture takes the brunch classics and gives them a little bit of an extra southern fare, but with bottomless mimosas starting at $12!


Greenbriar Farm Steak Sandwich with Sweet Patatas Bravas from The Anchorage


Dream Neighborhood:

As a native Greenvillian and growing up just off of Laurens Road and watching Greenville grow into the city it has become, it has become really difficult for me decide what area is my favorite and which would be ideal for me to reside. I have two areas that would be my dream neighborhoods, Augusta Road and North Main.

The Augusta Road area offers unique shopping from locally owned shops like 4rooms and Roots, owned by recent HGTV stars Wesley Turner and Daniel Schavey, and Gage’s on Augusta, along with chains such as Talbots and Chico’s. There are also great places for dinner or drinks along the popular corridor, such as The Common Cure, Grindhouse Grill, The 05 and Divani’s.

The North Main area offers access to several corridors in the area- Cherrydale, Wade Hampton Boulevard, and Downtown. Some of my personal favorite businesses that I would frequent even more living in the North Main neighborhood are The Community Tap to enjoy wine and local food trucks, Asada to indulge in their sangria and chimichurri wings, Stone Pin Company, and Universal Joint eat, drink and socialize on the patio. Plus, to be honest, it would be pretty cool to get a golf cart and go to dinner, like some of the residents in this area.


Chimichurri Wings from Asada


Favorite Locally Sourced Eats:

Locally sourced eateries have started popping up all over this beautiful city and it is so hard for me to choose my favorites with places like Bacon Bros, The Anchorage, Stella’s Bistro, and Stella’s Brasserie filling this category, but if I had to narrow it down to my top two, I think I would choose Kitchen Sync and Restaurant 17. Kitchen Sync is locally-owned, locally-sourced, and Greenville’s only green certified restaurant. While the pork chop is my personal favorite, my sister believes in the shrimp burger and the house-made ketchup for the fries.


Grilled pork chop from Kitchen Sync


Restaurant 17 provides the high-end aspect of locally sourced here in Greenville. While offering beautiful views of the mountains in the Travelers Rest area, Chef Nick and his crew at Restaurant 17 offer phenomenal seasonal dishes with food from local farms. With a seasonal changing menu, it is so hard to choose a favorite, but so easy to want more!


Steambuns from Restaurant 17

Local Experience: Lindsey Breitwieser

Lindsey Breitwieser: NY transplant, Cyclebar Instructor and sweat enthusiast.  Checking out all of the health and wellness options that Greenville has to offer. @getfitgvl


Because I have really good intentions when it comes to exercise, but not much follow through, am excited to be regularly including features from local fitness guru Lindsey. She will be sharing her first-hand experience from a variety of local studios/classes over the next few months. Aaaand there will probably be some giveaways over on the Insta, so you’ll want to be following our stories. @thelocal.greenville



Maya Movement Arts offers a wide array of class types so it’s hard to explain what it offers in one word. If you’re anything like me the first thing you’ll learn about them is aerial, so we’ll go with that. After all, MAYA is Greenville’s first aerial studio! Other class options can be found here.


The MAYA studio is inside the “Lofts of Greenville”. The nearest landmark is the Swamp Rabbit Cafe, it’s located right behind it. (201 Smythe Street, Greenville, SC 29611)


$16 each (classes are a la carte)!

Why You’ll Love it!
  • It’s unlike anything you’ve tried before (unless maybe you’re a trapeze artist) and you can’twalk into any gym and take a class like this.
  • It looks awesome. If you’re living for the insta, you’ll get awesome photos from this class.
  • The classes are a la carte. You can come as you please, which also makes it a fun activity for visitors that may just want to try something different.
  • Beginners welcome. They have a safety net on the website that blocks you from registering for any class that requires prior knowledge or training. If you’re able to book the class, you’re good to go!
What to expect:

A small and intimate class (at least for the aerial class that I took). In my opinion it’s probably the best feature. I had never done anything like aerial yoga before and a small class meant that the instructor could get to every student individually.

Let me tell you right now, the sling can hold you. It can hold a weight of 1,500 pounds, so you know it’s not going anywhere. As far as a workout goes, the yoga class is not a heart pumping, calorie torching workout, but it’s fun to use your body in different ways. Unless you’re accustomed to hanging around upside down, some of it will feel foreign to you. The instructor told us flat out that some of the fully suspended moves just weren’t going to feel that great the first time. To some that may seem crazy, but to me it just meant I wasn’t doing it wrong.

I can tell you what NOT to expect. You’re not going to be doing the fancy stuff you see on their website on day one. That takes a lot of practice and training so be prepared for moves that may seem basic in comparison.

Pro Tip:

*Leave yourself time to find it. The aerial space and dance studio are in two separate locations at the Lofts so finding it for your first time can be tricky.

*If using the slings or hammocks, leave your jewelry at home. The rule of thumb is anything that can snag on pantyhose shouldn’t be worn. So leave those diamond rings and pendant necklaces behind if you have any apprehension over leaving them in your cubby.

*No photos during class, but after you’re allowed to take as many as you’d like. I know it’s tempting since you’re so excited to try and snap a few, but you’ll quickly realize that rule is in place for good reason. Getting in and out of aerial poses and watching the instructor demonstrate takes 100% of your attention.



Local Guide: Brooke Walter


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following Brooke and the rest of the “girl tribe” over at “It Takes A VILLEage” (they also all have seriously great IG feeds). A little about Brooke in her own words:


I moved to Greenville two and a half years ago and count it as one of the best decisions I’ve made both personally and professionally.  I’ve never felt so at home, and felt welcomed right away.  Greenville has a blend of everything I enjoy: a thriving arts scene, restaurants fit for a foodie,  and space dedicated to outdoor enthusiasts. My hobbies include tennis, reading, photography, and going out and exploring all the new places popping up around Greenville! I love the vibrancy of our city.

Favorite Outdoor Spots:

Poinsett Bridge – Either a great short excursion, or stopping point on your way up to the Table Rock/ Caesar’s Head area, the Poinsett Bridge is both an interesting historic site and great photo spot. It is the oldest surviving bridge in SC.

Table Rock – Table Rock is home to some of my favorite views and also my favorite hike in the upstate. It is challenging but oh so rewarding!

Caesar’s Head – Home to many hiking trails, but more so known for its scenic overlook (that requires no hiking at all from the visitor center). Stunning panoramic view.



“Poinsett Bridge & Caesar’s Head”

Favorite Caffeine Fix:

Greenville is home to so many wonderful caffeine fixes, and constantly adding more with the likes of 101 Espresso Bar and Barista Alley in nearby Greer. However, my personal favorite is The Village Grind, with their carefully curated selection, delicious doughnuts, and rustic interior.


“The Village Grind”

Date Night:

There are so many great spots in the area to suit different moods, but I love Vault & Vator for its intimate environment and craft cocktails. The low lighting and limited seating capacity makes it a great spot for a couple to enjoy drinks.

(And no cell phones allowed! So you can have real conversations!)


“Vault & Vator”

Favorite Local Shopping:

I’m a huge fan of shopping local, but even more so in finding that “one of a kind” piece. In my opinion, there is no better way to do that then consignment shopping, where duplicates would be hard to find. My two favorites in the areas are Labels Designer Consignment and Saige.  Both have an excellent curation of designer clothes for a fraction of the price!

Best Spot for Locally Sourced Eats:

This was one of the hardest for me to decide, as I am a true foodie at heart! For locally sourced, I have to go with Bacon Brothers,  with personal bias as it’s close to my house, but also for the richness of flavor of every entree I’ve tried there. Their charcuterie board is both savory and a sight to see, and it has constantly rotating ingredients. Their burger is my favorite in Greenville!

Local Guide: Christen Eats

Christen Clinkscales – @christeneats – Christen Eats

Locally Sourced Eats

Farm Fresh Fast – One of my newest obsessions is Farm Fresh Fast, a quick-service restaurant that prides itself on its healthy, locally-sourced menu. Farm Fresh Fast uses the freshest local ingredients to make clean-eating delicious. Looking for something hearty and guilt-free? Try their Almost Heaven burger made with grass-fed beef, stuffed with low-fat cheese, and topped with lettuce and house-made pickles. Or their newest menu item, the Heritage Smokehaus Sandwich made with local pork, sugar & gluten-free BBQ sauce, and red cabbage slaw. They also have vegetarian & vegan dishes and offer meal-prep services.

FFF burger

“Almost Heaven” Burger


Best Cocktails

Vault & Vator – When it comes to sipping on craft cocktails, no one does it better than the speakeasy. With dim lighting, cozy couches, and jazz music, Vault & Vator‘s vibe is the embodiment of the modern cocktail lounge. There is a dress code. And no cell phones use inside. So you’ll have to discreetly snap that pic of your cocktail. And trust me, you’ll want to with Instagram-worthy drinks like the JJ Smash. My advice: order the Bartender’s Choice by picking two words from their list like “smoky and sweet” or “fruity and fizzy.” They won’t disappoint.

JJ smash

“JJ Smash”


Up on the Roof – If you’re looking for cocktails and a view of #yeahTHATgreenville, there’s no better place than Up on the Roof. This rooftop bar not only has great views, but bottled cocktails to die for! Grab a seat on one of their couches by the fire pit and order something pretty, like “It’s Strawberry Thyme,” a gin drink with Cointreau, muddled strawberries, and thyme. Or “Saints and Sinners’ with whiskey, prickly pear vodka, blueberry simple syrup, lime and grapefruit juice. If whiskey and gin aren’t your taste, they have vodka, rum, and tequila cocktails as well.

up on the roof


Date Night

Stone Pin Company – Looking for an unconventional date night? Stone Pin Company is right up your alley – pun intended. This boutique bowling alley is the perfect date spot- even a first date should you be so bold! Order “The Lebowski” with espresso vodka, Kahlua, and cream at the bar while you wait. Or “Split Happens,” a citrusy rum drink that’s totally apropos. Once you hit the lane, order the McMoat, a flatbread that basically tasted like a Big Mac. YUM! If you aren’t afraid of getting messy, get the ‘Smokey, Mark it a Zero’ nachos to share. You won’t strike out with those.


“Smokey, Mark it a Zero” Nachos


Farmers Market Finds

No Evil Foods – One of the coolest booths at the Saturday market is without a doubt No Evil Foods. They sell completely plant-based meats – low in calories and fat, packed with protein, and devoid of cholesterol. Not a vegetarian or vegan? Me either. But I dare you to sample their products and tell me you don’t like them. One of my personal favorites is El Zapatista – their plant-based chorizo. I’ve used it in tacos and on top of a pizza. There’s also Italian sausage, chickenesque, and smoked BBQ. Check them out next time you’re at the market!

No Evil Foods

“No Evil Foods” @ the downtown Greenville Saturday Market


Nellie T’s Pimento CheeseNellie T’s Pimento Cheese is another great Farmer’s Market find. If you’re a true southerner, you can’t get enough of the caviar of the south. My personal favorite is their blue cheese spread made with Clemson Blue Cheese. It’s perfect for on top or inside a burger. If you can take the heat, get the Spicy spread. Pair any of their cheeses with their amazing Skillet Jam – just add bacon and you will be the hit of the party. They also make different kinds of nut butters as well like Salted Caramel Peanut Butter.