Modal – a bespoke hostel, coffee shop and art gallery

Pretended to be a tourist for 24 hours in this little city I love last weekend.

Instead of staying in a hotel, we decided to try out something different— @staymodal – a bespoke hostel, coffee bar (serving and art gallery . While they do have shared, bunk-style rooms, they also have a couple of private rooms. The rest of the spaces are all communal; a full kitchen, patio and lounge areas. We woke up Saturday to a complimentary ☕️, breakfast being made and a pop-up vendor fair right outside the front door. The owner and the team there were so welcoming.

This shower basically sums it up…the entire place is styled beautifully. And in comparison to most of the hotels or AirBNB’s downtown, the price here is very budget-friendly.

If you’re planning a visit and are looking for something a more unique experience, make a note to check Modal out. And if you’re a local? Do yourself a favor…book a little staycation.

Local Experience: High Performance Gym

Can’t believe we’re talking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu… I know it sounds (probably) terrifying, but hear me out! The BJJ class at High Performance Gym is of course challenging and educational, but also filled with kind, respectful people who will welcome and assist you through the whole thing! – @thehealthiestrachel
HPG April 2018-80-2

High Performance Gym


13 North Main Street, Suite B Mauldin, SC 29662


$125-$215 monthly. There are also drop in classes for $20 and class punch cards available.


I thought it may be beneficial to give a basic breakdown of the class structure, so that you feel more empowered to go to your first class. I know it can be so nerve-racking to walk in completely blind! The whole class is done on the mat. Forgive me, as I do not know the correct terminology to use for BJJ!

  • First up is the warm-up which started with jogging in a circle around the mat led by trainer, Clay. Jog turned into sprints, lunges, some different tumbles, etc. If you can’t do a warm-up move perfectly, that’s okay! Just do your best. There’s literally no judgement here. I did think it was cool that everything in the warm up went in a circle with Clay starting the next movement.
  • Next up was what I would call the main event of the class. Clay would demonstrate a jiu-jitsu movement and then everyone pairs up to practice that movement. I was really impressed by how much Clay explained in each demonstration- when this move would be beneficial to use, proper techniques, common mistakes, and why the movement is effective. Another thing that I noticed during this section of class is that there are zero “cliques” or friends that HAVE to be together. People switched up partners and helped each other if someone was unsure. A great benefit to being in a class of mixed levels.
  • Last was what they called rolling. Basically, it’s grappling or sparring. This goes in five-minute rounds and is used as a way to give muscle memory to the movements that you just learned in class. Another huge benefit to being in a class of all levels is that you can roll with levels above you. I could definitely see how this can prevent injury and help everyone learn.

HPG April 2018-111-2

HPG April 2018-92-2


– The mindset. BJJ, to me, seemed like the yoga of the fighting world. While everything you are doing is obviously intense, the core of it is calm, inward, and enlightening. Clay talked about how BJJ, in America at least, started out in surfer areas so you can feel that laid-back vibe. You will definitely learn a lot about yourself, your body, strengths, and weaknesses.

– The people. The class size is not massive which was nice. There were about seven people in class, one of which was the trainer. One of the main differences here is that they do not separate you by level, as mentioned previously. Everyone practices together. This is extremely beneficial as you will be able to learn faster and there are more people there to help you figure things out.

– The trainers. Clay was the trainer for this class, but James was also in class. Clay is one of few black belts in the state of South Carolina and was extremely knowledgeable. He was also really respectful of all of his students and clearly a badass but really chill about it which is a nice change of pace from the gym world! I actually didn’t even realize James was a trainer until checking out the website after. I definitely noticed how good he was, though, and great at giving instruction.

– The self-defense tactics. I did talk to two girls who were in the class for a bit and thought what they had to say would be beneficial for those to hear that are interested but still on the fence! One of the girls started coming here after being chased while running in her neighborhood. After that, she knew it was time to learn some self-defense tactics. She now has the confidence to know that she can keep herself safe. The other class member talked about her confidence now as well. She now understands what her body can take and what it can do. She’s not nearly as scared of injury now.


– There is a strength and conditioning class as well that looked really great!

– There are also open gym hours that you can go work out on your own.


– Your first class is always free! Sign up on the website.

– Make sure your hair is up nice and tight and stay away from looser or flowy tops!

Check out their website here.


HPG April 2018 Kids BJJ-4

Local Experience: Foothill Foodie Tours

Recently, The Local Greenville was invited to come tag along with Foothill Foodie Tours. These guys are new in town (just launched in September) and they offer 4 different walking tours – Saturday Morning Breakfast, Saturday Afternoon Just Desserts, Saturday Evening Craft Cocktail and Friday Evening Vine, Shine and Stein Cocktail Tour. The founder and tour guide, Rose, is incredibly knowledgable not only about the Greenville food scene, but also the history of the city itself. Their motto is “don’t be a tourist, eat like a local”.

The lovely Gray from @girlnamedgray took over The Local Greenville and shared the experience on our Instagram Stories a few weeks ago. Below are some more photos of the Breakfast Tour, but make sure you visit her blog post to read more!

Gift Guide Alert! We think one of these tours is the perfect gift to give someone, whether they’re in town visiting or are local Greenvillians! Check out Foothill Foodie Tour’s site for a gift card or to book a tour!


Local Influencer: Savanna James

Falls Park

Growing up in Spartanburg, I’ve been a first-hand witness to the growth and expansion of Greenville. It has grown tremendously over the years and encompasses any and everything one needs to live happily. The Local Greenville is a keyhole into viewing and finding what all there is to do in the great city of Greenville. I use my personal Instagram @probablyvannajames to share where I go in Greenville or even where I’ll be headed next! Even after traveling for movies, commercials and photoshoots, I continuously yearned to return home to my local community that always has open arms. (Fun Fact: My IMDb even lists the Upstate as my hometown!) But down to the nitty-gritty. What are my favorite parts about Greenville? Definitely the food and the innate ability the city has to have events that involve everyone.

Who doesn’t love a good meal?

Greenville is a city that explores and promotes all cuisines. You can walk down Main Street and find a crepe shop, a taco shop, a steak house and a southern meal. Instead of having to drive two to three hours for your favorite place in another state or city, you can drive straight to Greenville and find something that suits your needs (and fulfills ones you might not have even known you had).


Some of my favorite spots? Cantina 76 (Mexican Inspired Taqueria), California Dreaming (Steak House), Smoke on the Water (BBQ & Southern), Tupelo Honey (Southern Cuisine), Cheesecake Factory (Desserts) and Willy Taco (Tacos). I love being able to just drive around Greenville and find a new place to try! And there are so many more to find! Plus, most of them have dog friendly patios to take your best bud!

The Best Events!


If you live in any of the city’s surrounding Greenville, or even in the surrounding states, you know of some of the great events that Greenville is home to. Whether it be a Greenville Drive Game, a Swamp Rabbits Game, Dancing with the Stars Live!, The Greek Festival, Couture for a Cause, or Greenville Fashion Week, there is something for everyone.

I love being able to be involved with events like “Teach 864 Night” at the Greenville Drive game that celebrates the hard-working and dedicated teachers in Greenville County, watching “Dancing with the Carolina Stars,” or Haute Fashion Weekend.


The community of Greenville is so diverse, and that can be seen in the events that it throws every year. It uses every chance it gets to celebrate the people of the city. Make sure you follow The Local Greenville to keep up with the go-to spots and events in Greenville, South Carolina. Hope to see you soon!

Local Guide: Jeremy & Kristin from Amble Guide

Amble Guide Logo
A little history on how I got connected with Jeremy and Kristin. Since getting on the road and traveling full-time, we have gotten to know this massive community of full-time travelers, RVers, camping and hiking enthusiasts. It’s this whole new world we didn’t know existed and it is a really awesome community to be a part of. I ran across Amble Guide on Instagram and was was so excited to see that these guys were sharing their hiking and camping knowledge from none other than Greenville! Was so excited when they reached out and were interested in writing a Local Guide!


Jeremy and Kristin

Hi! We are Jeremy and Kristin, and we are the faces behind Amble Guide. When we moved to Greenville from Texas just a few years ago, we had no idea how much we would love hiking. Our first hike was just a few months after we moved here, and we’ve been exploring the outdoors more and more ever since. We created Amble Guide to help outdoor lovers plan their next adventures by providing reliable and accurate information on trails and parks. When we aren’t exploring in the mountains you can find us walking around our beautiful downtown eating all of the local food we can find (after all… it’s all about balance right.) You can find us on:

Instagram: @ambleguide


Pinnacle Mountain in Table Rock State Park. This state park is most known for the famous Table Rock Trail, and while this is a great trail we believe that taking the path less traveled is the best decision. Pinnacle Mountain Trail is still a good workout but the elevation gain is slower than Table Rock with just as much of a reward at the top. The sweeping view at Bald Knob Overlook is the best we have seen in South Carolina. Plus, if you reach the very top of Pinnacle Mountain you will have hiked the tallest mountain contained entirely within the state of South Carolina (although you won’t find a view up there – be warned).

Pinnacle Mountain

Rainbow Falls in Jones Gap State Park. There are quite a few waterfalls in Jones Gap State Park but we think this one takes the cake. After a challenging climb, you will want to sit and listen to the peaceful sounds of the water plunging 100 feet over a granite cliff and soak up the views of the gorgeous granite walls that surround the waterfall.

Rim of the Gap can be accessed from Jones Gap State Park or Caesars Head State Park. If you are looking for a trail to challenge your technical hiking skills, then this is the hike for you. Rim of the Gap will have you crawling under rocks, hugging a rock face as you sidestep along the trail, and very carefully walking across waterfalls. Make it a loop by adding Coldspring Branch Trail and Jones Gap Trail to get a nice 9 mile hike.


Frank Coggins in Caesars Head State Park. This trail is located across the road from the Visitor’s Center. If there has been a good amount of rain recently in the area, you can see a few small but gorgeous waterfalls that will amaze your little ones. Plus, after you finish grab a picnic table to eat lunch and soak up the views of Table Rock from the Caesars Head Overlook.

Frank Coggins


Stone Mountain in DuPont State Forest. This trail is about an hour drive from Greenville but it is easily one of our favorite trails in the area. It was one of the first hikes we ever went on and the view from the top plus the solitude on the trail keep us going back. It can be a bit of a challenge to reach the peak but once you arrive you can wander around and take in different views from every angle.

If you are looking for more trails to explore in the Upstate be sure to check out our website: See you on the trail!!

Local Love: Garage Authority

We love getting connected with local business owners who have chosen to put down roots and grow their dream right here in Greenville. Today we’re sharing a little background Garage Authority, written by owner Nancy Martin,

2016 ChamberGrowthAward

Nancy Martin’s Garage Authority

Greenville is a wonderful, thriving community! There has been some amazing growth in the area for quite a while now, with an increased activity of culture and diversity. It’s an economically booming area, rich with opportunity left, right and center. The question shouldn’t be, what do I love about Greenville, but more, what don’t I love!

Why We Chose Greenville

The growth of Greenville has been constantly on the rise. When we first started this business, Greenville was doing pretty good as a whole. Now it is growing even more than we could have imagined! As a whole, we have been very pleased with how the business has done is such an amazing area.

How We Got Started

I have been designing cabinetry since 2005. My extensive corporate background comes into play as we professionally handle all our business dealings. However, it was my son who first started the business, right after he graduated college. It was back in 2011, we were in the middle of the financial recession. He had just graduated with a degree in Construction Management Building Science and none of the construction companies in the area were hiring.

When he found the Monkey Bars product, he did all the research and planning himself so he could make a living doing something he loved. My initial input was limited to simply advising my son and providing some insight into marketing the business. Since then, we have thrived!

Our Passion

We have strong Christian values which we strive to implement into our daily personal and business lives. Our passion to help those in need extends to everyone! The challenges you face with your garage excites us, and we love to find solutions that will best help your garage. Our philosophy is to try our very best in making a difference in the lives that we interact with. We strive constantly to have a positive impact in everyone’s lives. The world would be a much better place if everyone took a little more time out of their day to care and help one another.

The Garage Authority is your local garage storage, and organization company.

Local Experience: Facial Membership @ Organic Tan Face & Body


My love for Organic Tan Face & Body is not newfound. I remember going to see boss babe Lindsey Holder Rinehart in the upstairs of her little studio in a historic home on McBee more years ago than I would like to admit. Now Lindsey has a built a successful beauty empire that is based over on Haywood Road.

We were invited out to learn more about their facial membership program. Rachel at @thehealthiestrachel was more than game for a sneak peek of their October facial for members–the Pumpkin Hydrafacial.

For those out there who have never had a facial before…seriously go treat yo self. Your skin will thank you. Here is a quick recap of what it looks like:


  1. Chat about what your concerns with your are.
  2. Makeup removal and pumpkin enzyme scrub (which eats off the top layer of dead skin).
  3. Extraction (gets all the gunk out).
  4. Treatment with doTERRA essential oil; this one had a antiviral property to help ward off the flu.
  5. 20 minute massage (ahhhhhhh)!
  6. High frequency machine; creates an ozone layer under the skin, which is great for combating acne.


Facial memberships start at just $59 a month. While the monthly facials will change up, they are always adapted to fit what your skin needs. This is a fantastic way to take care of your skin while still being budget-friendly.


Local Influencer: Lindley Mayer

I admit it. I followed her recent wedding countdown on Instagram with more interest than I’ve had in some weddings I was actually IN. But go look at her feed and you’ll understand why! I think she is the perfect person to write our first “Local Influencer” post. @lindleymayer
As a Greenville native and someone who loves this beautiful city so much, there are still places and things that I haven’t seen. That is what is most exciting about our ever growing home. Thankfully The Local Greenville is the one stop shop for finding the most popular, or the best hidden treasure must see spots in Greenville. I love the Greenville fashion scene, locals who love giving back, fabulous restaurants, festivals, etc. I always keep the latest trends and most popular events on my Instagram page @lindleymayer. Click, follow and stay tuned! 🙂

But First….Fashion:

This city is truly flourishing when it comes to fashion trends. When I moved to Los Angeles, CA after high school where I resided for 7 years, I found my love for fashion. When I made my way back to the East Coast, I was so delighted to find such an incredible fashion scene filled with events, trends, shows and so much more. Here are a few of my favorite local shopping spots. Vestique (trendy, chic, boho), Splash on Main (swimsuits, beach wear and more), Marley Lilly/Monday Dress (online boutique featuring all things monograms and all the latest trends), LuluLemon (fitness clothing), Coast to Coast Style (dance, fitness and athleisure apparel). Every lady loves accessories and another one of my favorites is Julie Mayer Collection. She can be found at @Julie_Mayer_Collection on Instagram and Julie Mayer Collection on FB and all of her designs are handmade and one of a kind. She created the original Tiger Rag Necklaces that has been worn by Kathleen Swinney, Jane Robelot and so many more.

Giving Back…

As the social scene contributor for TALK Magazine, I get a behind the scenes look at these events and even the opportunity to host. I have a non-profit myself inspired by my two younger special needs siblings and I love how our community comes together to truly make a difference. A few of my favorites events that give back in the community include Couture for a Cause which is an incredible event where all of the models rocking the runway are cancer survivors. The designers design their designs out of repurposed and recycled materials and the best part is…. its all for an amazing cause, The American Cancer Society. Another of my favorites is Fashion With a Passion. This event showcases and highlights local boutiques in Greenville and raises funds to benefit Safe Harbor. I highly recommend checking both of these out in the coming year. The date for Fashion with a Passion has already been set for March 14th. A few others that are not to be missed are The Hope Ball, Euphoria, Artisphere and Fall for Greenville.
As you can see, fashion and giving are two of the things I love the most about this city. If you are a local looking to make a visit to Greenville, take a look at the events calendar or check out @TalkGreenville to see whats coming up next and stay tuned to The Local Greenville for all of the hottest spots.

Local Experience: Moe’s Original Bar B Que

Mandy over at @hubcitytopknot making our mouths water with her review of the newest BBQ spot in Greenville; Moe’s Original Bar B Que in Westone.

The Food:

They have a pretty diverse menu, so even if you aren’t a fan of the typical BBQ fare, there is truly something for everyone. (Fish and tofu for instance). I loved the turkey, grilled cornbread and coleslaw—which I was surprised about, but they make it with oil and vinegar instead of mayo and it’s super good)! My hubby raved about the smoked chicken wings. But we both agreed our favorite item was the pulled pork sandwich. The combination of pickles with red and white sauces are what we think made it so good. The Mississippi mud pie and banana pudding (tasted like Christmas) are both solid dessert choices if you save room.

The Vibe:

I loved the atmosphere; it was trendy yet still gave you that comfort food/inviting vibe that a lot of little BBQ places in the south have. The owners, John and Sam, were above and beyond friendly. They do serve alcohol; we tried something called the Bushwacker, which tasted like banana ice cream and rum (right up my alley). And of course, they are right next to Liability Brewing, so it’s really the best of both worlds.

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Local Experience: Trifit Barbell


Go follow Rachel over at @thehealthiestrachel

Welcome back to the second installment of @thehealthiestrachel’s gym reviews! I am eager and ready to share this gym with you all. This gym has been in the area for two years, but I somehow did not know about it. So, I am thinking some of you may have never been there either! Full disclosure, this place is so good that I ended up joining myself. I hope to meet some of you there and if you come by, please SAY HI!!


Trifit Barbell
Think personal training on your schedule!


320 W. Butler Rd. Mauldin, SC 29662
Go down Laurens Road until it turns into Main Street Mauldin. Take a right on W. Butler. The gym is in between the gas station and Sonic.


There are different levels based on your budget ranging from $50-$120.
$50 gets you access to the gym. $120 gets you the gym, training, workouts, and nutrition.
Looking for something in between? Talk to them about your needs!
Everything is month-to-month- NO CONTRACTS!


 The “classes.” Alright, when you look at their schedule you are going to see classes listed. These classes do not work the way you are probably thinking. The programming for these classes is written out on white boards. If you come any time during the day that a class time is listed on the schedule, a trainer will be on the floor to assist with form, questions, a kick in the ass, whatever you need!

 The flexibility. It’s so amazing for anyone with even a slightly busy schedule to not have to arrive somewhere by a certain time or the doors are locked and you must pay a missed class fee! Worked late and don’t arrive until 6:15 PM? Your trainer and training program are still there and ready for you!

 The location. You guys may think I’m crazy for saying this but hear me out! This pricing is significantly less than any personal trainer I’ve used in Greenville and still a good bit less than the specialized gyms in Greenville as well. Could the fact that the town name is “Mauldin” and not “Greenville” be playing in to this? I don’t know for sure, but it’s something to think about!

 The people. Everyone that works out here is nice! Have you ever entered those classes where people are grouped up and don’t talk to anyone else? That is not a thing here. Also, people are workin’ hard, so no forced long conversations or lingering.

 The trainers. I can’t speak for all of them! I have worked with Logan as I am in no way a morning person and he is the one there in the afternoons/evenings. They are extremely knowledgeable though, and will figure out which program will work best for your goals. Also, they are personable and make you feel comfortable throughout your fitness and exercise journey!


 There is a boot camp class on Saturday mornings if you’re really craving that group structure.
 You can use the open gym any time from 6 AM- 8 PM during the week, 8 AM- 5 PM on Saturday and 10 AM- 2PM on Sunday. If you go during open gym when a class is not scheduled, someone will still be there for questions, but they won’t be as actively training on the floor.


 Call or email them for a tour of the facility and receive a week-long pass to try it out for yourself!

Check out their website here: