resizedcourtneyI remember constantly annoying my friends and family from a very young age by always having a disposable camera, and then a digital camera, in hand and trying to document everything. (Showing my age here). Photos covered my bedroom walls as a teenager and my entire home as an adult.

If I could do just about anything that involved traveling for a living, that would be my dream job. (And in May 2018, my family and I actually left Greenville temporarily to travel this amazing country for a year). When I travel, I want to know what the locals think are the places not to miss. I made a really big move nearly ten years ago from my home in Detroit, MI to downtown Greenville, SC. From my first day in this hidden gem of a city, I felt like this was the place I was always meant to be. I love watching its growth and being a part of its amazing community.

When you are fortunate enough to live in an area where everyone goes to “get away”, you tend to find yourself always being asked what your recommendations are for those passing through or coming specifically to where you live. I’m always discovering new things to love about Greenville, so my lists are ever-changing. When I was in need of a creative outlet, The Local Greenville was born.

With the Local Guides, we have a curated selection of the “best of Greenville” from a variety of people who know it better than anyone else. We’re also highlighting local business owners, sharing our local experiences and getting some background on Greenville’s local influencers. And of course, The Local Greenville over on Instagram and Facebook will continue to feature both the newest and the tried-and-true favorites from what really is the best little city.