Local Love: Garage Authority

We love getting connected with local business owners who have chosen to put down roots and grow their dream right here in Greenville. Today we’re sharing a little background Garage Authority, written by owner Nancy Martin,

2016 ChamberGrowthAward

Nancy Martin’s Garage Authority

Greenville is a wonderful, thriving community! There has been some amazing growth in the area for quite a while now, with an increased activity of culture and diversity. It’s an economically booming area, rich with opportunity left, right and center. The question shouldn’t be, what do I love about Greenville, but more, what don’t I love!

Why We Chose Greenville

The growth of Greenville has been constantly on the rise. When we first started this business, Greenville was doing pretty good as a whole. Now it is growing even more than we could have imagined! As a whole, we have been very pleased with how the business has done is such an amazing area.

How We Got Started

I have been designing cabinetry since 2005. My extensive corporate background comes into play as we professionally handle all our business dealings. However, it was my son who first started the business, right after he graduated college. It was back in 2011, we were in the middle of the financial recession. He had just graduated with a degree in Construction Management Building Science and none of the construction companies in the area were hiring.

When he found the Monkey Bars product, he did all the research and planning himself so he could make a living doing something he loved. My initial input was limited to simply advising my son and providing some insight into marketing the business. Since then, we have thrived!

Our Passion

We have strong Christian values which we strive to implement into our daily personal and business lives. Our passion to help those in need extends to everyone! The challenges you face with your garage excites us, and we love to find solutions that will best help your garage. Our philosophy is to try our very best in making a difference in the lives that we interact with. We strive constantly to have a positive impact in everyone’s lives. The world would be a much better place if everyone took a little more time out of their day to care and help one another.

The Garage Authority is your local garage storage, and organization company.

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