Local Experience: Trifit Barbell


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Welcome back to the second installment of @thehealthiestrachel’s gym reviews! I am eager and ready to share this gym with you all. This gym has been in the area for two years, but I somehow did not know about it. So, I am thinking some of you may have never been there either! Full disclosure, this place is so good that I ended up joining myself. I hope to meet some of you there and if you come by, please SAY HI!!


Trifit Barbell
Think personal training on your schedule!


320 W. Butler Rd. Mauldin, SC 29662
Go down Laurens Road until it turns into Main Street Mauldin. Take a right on W. Butler. The gym is in between the gas station and Sonic.


There are different levels based on your budget ranging from $50-$120.
$50 gets you access to the gym. $120 gets you the gym, training, workouts, and nutrition.
Looking for something in between? Talk to them about your needs!
Everything is month-to-month- NO CONTRACTS!


 The “classes.” Alright, when you look at their schedule you are going to see classes listed. These classes do not work the way you are probably thinking. The programming for these classes is written out on white boards. If you come any time during the day that a class time is listed on the schedule, a trainer will be on the floor to assist with form, questions, a kick in the ass, whatever you need!

 The flexibility. It’s so amazing for anyone with even a slightly busy schedule to not have to arrive somewhere by a certain time or the doors are locked and you must pay a missed class fee! Worked late and don’t arrive until 6:15 PM? Your trainer and training program are still there and ready for you!

 The location. You guys may think I’m crazy for saying this but hear me out! This pricing is significantly less than any personal trainer I’ve used in Greenville and still a good bit less than the specialized gyms in Greenville as well. Could the fact that the town name is “Mauldin” and not “Greenville” be playing in to this? I don’t know for sure, but it’s something to think about!

 The people. Everyone that works out here is nice! Have you ever entered those classes where people are grouped up and don’t talk to anyone else? That is not a thing here. Also, people are workin’ hard, so no forced long conversations or lingering.

 The trainers. I can’t speak for all of them! I have worked with Logan as I am in no way a morning person and he is the one there in the afternoons/evenings. They are extremely knowledgeable though, and will figure out which program will work best for your goals. Also, they are personable and make you feel comfortable throughout your fitness and exercise journey!


 There is a boot camp class on Saturday mornings if you’re really craving that group structure.
 You can use the open gym any time from 6 AM- 8 PM during the week, 8 AM- 5 PM on Saturday and 10 AM- 2PM on Sunday. If you go during open gym when a class is not scheduled, someone will still be there for questions, but they won’t be as actively training on the floor.


 Call or email them for a tour of the facility and receive a week-long pass to try it out for yourself!

Check out their website here:

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