Local Experience: Burn Bootcamp

Lindsey Breitwieser: NY transplant, Cyclebar instructor and sweat enthusiast. Checking out all of the health and wellness options that Greenville has to offer. @getfitgvl
Burn Bootcamp has, as it’s name would imply, bootcamp style group workouts. All bootcamps are group sessions and circuit style, meaning you will be switching up your moves throughout the 45 minutes. It all takes place in a fun, energetic atmosphere.
Where:There are two locations in Greenville, however I believe they are independently owned franchises. I attended class at the Five Forks location.

Five Forks, SC

1618 Woodruff Rd

Greenville, SC

Suite B101, 215 Pelham Rd
14 day free trial
6-18 month packages available $115-$145 per month for unlimited bootcamps!
Why You’ll Love It:
  • Free childcare — I repeat, free childcare!
  • The workouts are a great length. 45 minutes felt like the perfect amount of time to get a great workout in and get on with my day.
  • If you feel like your workout is getting a bit stale they definitely have some unique moves that will ensure you don’t get bored.
What To Expect:
The first thing I noticed when I walked in to Burn was how large the space felt. There is a large workout floor where the bootcamp takes place that has some padding and give, a separate check in area, and then the child care room.
I got myself checked in dropped my bag in a cubby and hit the floor. There was no slow stretching or casual warming up, the instructor had us begin with some high energy dynamic moves and then we were launching right into the workout. The moves for the day were written out on a whiteboard and the instructor demonstrated each move before divvying us into groups. This happened rather quickly so if it’s your first time don’t be discouraged if you get a little lost. For this particular workout there were 10 stations and I loved the unique combination of moves. I go to a lot of studios and there were moves I had never tried before with TRX straps and resistance bands so it made it fun and definitely unique.
With 10 stations it did feel like it was a little difficult for the instructor to keep their eye on everyone, but they were definitely coming around as able. Everyone also seemed to be doing their own thing, which made it a little hard to know where I was supposed to be intensity wise. For example, some clients were bursting out fast reps and then resting and others were going at a slower steadier pace.
Overall it was fun and there was a very encouraging environment. If you’re looking for something that will definitely challenge you, introduce you to some new fun workout moves, and you want to hang with some fun people definitely check this place out!

Pro Tip:

*They offer free bootcamps ever Saturday at 9:30 am
* They offer a 14 day free trial, which is by far the longest one I’ve experienced. Take advantage.
* They are very female centric – the bootcamps in the morning are women only with co-ed camps later in the day.
Check out their full site here.

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