Local Experience: Lindsey Breitwieser

Lindsey Breitwieser: NY transplant, Cyclebar Instructor and sweat enthusiast.  Checking out all of the health and wellness options that Greenville has to offer. @getfitgvl


Because I have really good intentions when it comes to exercise, but not much follow through, am excited to be regularly including features from local fitness guru Lindsey. She will be sharing her first-hand experience from a variety of local studios/classes over the next few months. Aaaand there will probably be some giveaways over on the Insta, so you’ll want to be following our stories. @thelocal.greenville



Maya Movement Arts offers a wide array of class types so it’s hard to explain what it offers in one word. If you’re anything like me the first thing you’ll learn about them is aerial, so we’ll go with that. After all, MAYA is Greenville’s first aerial studio! Other class options can be found here.


The MAYA studio is inside the “Lofts of Greenville”. The nearest landmark is the Swamp Rabbit Cafe, it’s located right behind it. (201 Smythe Street, Greenville, SC 29611)


$16 each (classes are a la carte)!

Why You’ll Love it!
  • It’s unlike anything you’ve tried before (unless maybe you’re a trapeze artist) and you can’twalk into any gym and take a class like this.
  • It looks awesome. If you’re living for the insta, you’ll get awesome photos from this class.
  • The classes are a la carte. You can come as you please, which also makes it a fun activity for visitors that may just want to try something different.
  • Beginners welcome. They have a safety net on the website that blocks you from registering for any class that requires prior knowledge or training. If you’re able to book the class, you’re good to go!
What to expect:

A small and intimate class (at least for the aerial class that I took). In my opinion it’s probably the best feature. I had never done anything like aerial yoga before and a small class meant that the instructor could get to every student individually.

Let me tell you right now, the sling can hold you. It can hold a weight of 1,500 pounds, so you know it’s not going anywhere. As far as a workout goes, the yoga class is not a heart pumping, calorie torching workout, but it’s fun to use your body in different ways. Unless you’re accustomed to hanging around upside down, some of it will feel foreign to you. The instructor told us flat out that some of the fully suspended moves just weren’t going to feel that great the first time. To some that may seem crazy, but to me it just meant I wasn’t doing it wrong.

I can tell you what NOT to expect. You’re not going to be doing the fancy stuff you see on their website on day one. That takes a lot of practice and training so be prepared for moves that may seem basic in comparison.

Pro Tip:

*Leave yourself time to find it. The aerial space and dance studio are in two separate locations at the Lofts so finding it for your first time can be tricky.

*If using the slings or hammocks, leave your jewelry at home. The rule of thumb is anything that can snag on pantyhose shouldn’t be worn. So leave those diamond rings and pendant necklaces behind if you have any apprehension over leaving them in your cubby.

*No photos during class, but after you’re allowed to take as many as you’d like. I know it’s tempting since you’re so excited to try and snap a few, but you’ll quickly realize that rule is in place for good reason. Getting in and out of aerial poses and watching the instructor demonstrate takes 100% of your attention.



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